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Accessable Art Portfolio

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Michael Craig-Martin

ART (Magenta) 2010, Acrylic on aluminium 122 cm x 120 cm

Michael Craig-Martin (born: 1941, Dublin). Lives and works in London

Gallery Haas & Fuchs, Berlin

PKM Trinity Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Alan Cristea Gallery, London

Gagosian Gallery, New York

David Drebin

Color-C Print Signed and Numbered by the Artist on Verso

David Drebin (born: 1970, Canada). The artist is originally from Toronto, Canada, graduated from Parson School of Design in New York City in 1996 and has been based in New York City ever since.

Gallerie De Bellefeuille, Montreal, Canada

Acte2galerie, Paris

Visist to see more of his works and prices

David Lieske


Plinth and champagne glasses

Plinth: 75 X 75 X 75 cm / Glasses: 87 x 63 x 63 cm


David Lieske (born: 1979, Hamburg, Germany). Lives and works in Berlin.

Alex Zachary, New York


Jeanette Mundt

Low-lying Concrete Beauty, 2010, oil on canvas 10x 8 inches

Jeanette Mundt (born: 1982).  Jeanette Mundt is an artist currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

John Connelly Presents, New York

Western Exhibitions, Chicago

The Journal Gallery, New York

Kumi Sugai

S-vert, Colour lithograph, 1990, signed and numbered by hand, edition of 99, mint condition, 11,2 x 9,6 inches

Kumi Sugai (1919-1996) was one of the greatest living artist. Some of his works might, however, be sold for a good price on auction- but these are numbered prints.

Sotheby’s, New York

Christie’s Fine Art Auctions

Blomqvist Auksjoner,Oslo

Bukowskis, Stockholm

Luis Gispert

Cheerleader Series, 2002, c-print 72x 38 inches.

Luis Gispert (born: 1972, New Jersey). Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Fredric Snitzer Gallery, Miami.

Jeffrey Rothstein- Gossip Girl Art Season 2, Episode 21

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Photograph on the wall by Jeffrey Rothstein. The flowers-foto was made in a field outside of Hood River, Oregon.

First time featured in Ep. 21, Season 2.In a hotel-room.

Photograph on the wall: Japanese Koi photographed in Kyoto, Japan.

The pieces either side of the bed are 30×40″ chromogenic prints from colour negative film that is cross processed.

The wall piece by the door: Two photographs of crashing ocean waves combined on to one sheet of paper – 30x 40″.

The pieces were commissioned by Christina Tonkin for a private interior design client, but were barrowed for the shoot. The works are printed by Jeffrey in his darkroom up to 60×80″. All images are printed on Fuji Crystal Archival chromogenic paper.

Jeffrey Rothstein has been based in New York for the past 25 years. He has lived in London and Carribean. He studied physics before turning to photography and received a B.A. from Hampshire College. Jeffrey workd for 10 years as a fashion and still/life photographer prior to devoting his energies full time to his personal work.


For more information, please visit his homepage, or contact Accessable Art. A work by Jeffrey Rothstein is perfect to any kinds of rooms.His works do notnecessarily have to be that expensive either.

Patrick McMullan- Gossip Girl Art

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Season 3, Episode 3. Chuck and Blair attending a Sotheby’s auction.  “Photo by Patrick McMullan”

(Digital image altered with Nik Software’s Color Effect pro to look like a black and white film photo. Made so it looks like one of McMullan’s photos from the 80′s by the Patrick McMullan Company).

Patrick McMullan (born in New York), is an American celebrity photographer, columnist, television personality and socialite. His works focuses normally on persons, especially celebrities, fashion designers, artists, actors, models and the power elite.

McMullan’s photographs from the 80’s are the most sought after pieces among collectors. Patrick McMullan’s original works are also represented in the Gossip Girl set.

Patrick McMullan in the background on the blue wall. On the right hand: Ryan McGinley.

The scene from the auction at Sotheby’s in New York, Season 3, Ep. 3