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Aaron Young- Gossip Girl Art, Season 2, ep. 19

In Gossip Girl, Gossip Girl Art, Season 2 on March 21, 2011 at 12:31 am

A work by Aaron Young in the background at Bergdorf & Goodman.


Aaron Young (Born: 1972, San Francisco, California).  Lives and works in New York

Aaron Young created uproar when he invited a local biker to drive a motorcycle until he either could not see through all the smoke or his tires were burned, in Francisco Art Institue’s gallery.  As payment, Young gave the biker beer. The artist on the other hand was nearly expelled from the school.

The result of the wild, but short drive was a drawing on the floor-which had been Diego Riveras earlier studio.   In spite of the unconventional performance, Aaron Young was allowed to continue his education, and has later participated in many important shows and exhibitions. The artist is now highly requested.

Young is also known for his collaboration with Nate Lowman, but mostly known his teamwork with different representatives from different subcultures or rebels like bikers and skateboarders.

His works are quite expensive, but not “unaffordable”.


Gagosian Gallery, New York

Saatchi Gallery, London

Bortolami Gallery, New York

Galerie Almine Rech, Paris


One my favourite works by this artist:





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