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Kruithof and Menard- Gossip Girl Art ep. 18, Season 4

In Gossip Girl Art, Season 4 on April 20, 2011 at 12:07 pm

Serena van der Woodsen’s bedroom

Painting to the left:  Emilio  Kruithof, “Pink Lady”.

To the right:  Darius Menard- green painting

Darius Menard (No information yet)

Emilio Kruithof (Born: 1969 in Monster, Holland). He graduated from Sint Joost Academy of Fine Art in Breda in 1995. Kruithof was shortly after invited to numerous of exhibitions, and today he is widely known in his country, and highly regarded abroad.

His paintings contain beautiful women in their right element which he creates- it may seem. The woman is his subject, and Kruithof has mentioned himself that he used to collect illustrations of women from LP covers and magazines.  To Emilio Kruithof, the skin is the vital part of the female body.

Jaski Art Gallery, Amsterdam

Photography from Christina Tonkin Interiors & Events,

Emilio Kruithof has also other pieces featured in season 4.

Below: “Act of Decadance”

I have also found some other pieces by Kruithof which are really nice.

“Universal indifference”

Emilio Kruithof has also made some silkscreens in an edition of 150 (graphic works). The silkscreen below  can be purchased at Jaski Art Gallery in Amsterdam.

“The lover she used to be”, silkscreen, 90 x 125 cm, € 950

  1. Hey there, This is a real cool blog as i am an art student and like watching gossip girl. There’s some real neat artworks throughout the series, and its cool to have a resource like this to look at them, and find out who the artists are.
    I was just am wondering if you know about the small drawing/painting in the third picture down. It’s in the bathroom, and it is white with a figure drawn or painted red.


  2. thanx! Glad to hear. I am afraid I dont know, but please let me if you get the chance.

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