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Linda Bradford- Gossip Girl Art ep. 4, Season 1

In Gossip Girl Art, Season 1 on May 16, 2011 at 10:47 pm

Rufus Humphrey at “Bedford Avenue Gallery” . The artist behind the painting Rufus is carrying is still uncertain.

First time featured in ep. 4, Season 1.

Linda Bradford (Currently lives in: Long Island City, NY).

Bradford is known for her strikingly computerized aesthetic, where her stripes create a virtual- reality look.

Some other works:

Linda Bradford, “Rio”

Linda Bradford, “High Rise”

Linda Bradford, “Infinite Resolution”

“In Infinite Resolution, an installation occupying a ten-cubic-foot space, Linda Bradford has managed to create genuine magic, a breathtaking sensation of transcendence derived from the most concrete of means. This quietly theatrical environment consists of a stage-box formed of three large canvases suspended in space. The panels glow with a cold fire, generated by silvery medium laid on in broad, slightly flowing vertical stripes and bathed in what seems to be pale-blue moonlight. The light, emanating from no visible source, is so universally ambient as to transform the concrete floor into a magic carpet dyed a celestial azure. This seems airborne, lifting the whole ensemble into another, weightless world, a realm that appears to expand and contract, as if breathing in time with the music of the spheres. No one encounters this piece without experiencing a sense of transport, well beyond the physical.”

Daniel Wheeler

For more information about this work, check out the following  link:

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