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Accessable Art Portfolio- Ben Jones

In Accessable Art Portfolio on May 28, 2011 at 9:50 pm

Ben Jones-Concept Unification-Test 1, 2010, Acryla-guoche on canvas, 24×36 inches/ 61 x 91 cm

Ben Jones  (Born in Pittsburgh, 1977. Lives and works in Providence, Rhode Island.

Jones went to Massachusetts College of Art where he received a BFA. He has been shown in a numerous exhibitions and has achieved great interest in the art scene. His works referrer to space and rooms, and computer games, and retro –technological universe.The artist is know for combining different elements of scultpure, video, paintings, drawings and digital in his work.

I found the “Test”- painting at Art Chopenhagen when I visited fair in  2010, and i really liked it. It is from the exhibiton Could Bring “Concept Unification”, where problems in the works must be solved to reach the next level. “Test” is a good example of such a problem.

Ben Jones, concept unification-dog table 2, acryla-gouche on canvas,48×60 in      122×152 cm

Ben Jones is a part of the group “Paper Rad” which is an art collective that makes comics zines, video art, painting, installations, net art, MIDI files and also are in a variety of bands. Their “lo-fi” style is not to be mistaken of, and is a number of art movements and styles by its use of bright colors, and basic primary colors to create a distinctive aesthetic.

Ben Jones,Concept Unification-Dog Table 1, 2010, acryla-gouache on canvas, 48 x 60 in     122×152 cm

To get  an original piece by Ben Jones is still not too late. And it is absolutely affordable for young people interested in art.

Ben Jones,Concept Unification-Shape 2, acryla-gouache on canvas, 48 x 48 in    122 x 122 cm

Ben Jones, Concept Unification-Video Painting 1, 2010, Video projection on acryla-gouache on canvas, 72 x 96 in / 152 x 203 cm  

Ben Jones is also the creator of the new series on Cartoon Netwoork  “The Problem Solverz”

For more information and requests:

Saltimporten   Hullkajen   
SE-211 20 Malmö   

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