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Judy Glantzman- Gossip Girl Art, Season 1, Pilot

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Judy Glantzman (The painting behind R.Humphrey) at Rufus Humphreys Gallery in Brooklyn,First time featured in Season 1, Pilot.

Judy Glantzman (Born: 1956 in Long Island NY. Lives and works in New York City).

She holds a BFA in painting from Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI

Judy Glantzman on the wall to the left.

Judy Glantzman , Untitled 2004 oil on canvas 90 x 80 inches

Judy Glantzman also works with sculpture.

Judy Glantzman Untitled 1996 Super Sculpey 6,25 x 8 x1o inches

If one likes Glantzman’s works, Pierogi Gallery in Brooklyn offers  some nice pieces for a good price. (See below).

Three pieces on paper:    Judy Glantzman, Untitled,  Prismacolor on black paper, 12 x 18 inches , estimated under 1200 USD Pierogi Gallery, Brooklyn


Betty Cuningham Gallery, NYC

PIEROGI Gallery, Brooklyn, NYC

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