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Accessable Art Portfolio- Fritz Köthe

In Accessable Art Portfolio on June 19, 2011 at 11:46 pm

Fritz Köthe (Born: 1916 in Berlin,  died in 2005, Berlin).

Köthe is a well know German artist, specially for his illusionist- but yet realistic collages. (The young art collector, Anton Cos from Hannover in Germany, was the first to open my eyes for this great artist)

Köthe studied at the Staatliche Akademie für graphische kunste in Leipzig,  and one year at the Graphische Fachschule in Berlin. He had his breakthrough withh is surralistic dreampaintings, but found “his style” in the 60’s when he started tearing up painted backgrounds and relics from magazines.

To make a visual situation as a reflection of our urban environment was Köthes intention. In 1972 he held a great show of his oeuvre in Berlin. It is not to late go get a Köhe on the wall, and his works are often shown on auctions, Christies as one  example.

Fritz Köthe ” Hör zu” 1971, oil on canvas, 120 x 85, signed.

Fritz Köthe “Limone”,Colorprint 2005, 5/90 examples, signed.

Fritz Köthe “Dragster”, lithograph on paper,15×21 cm, signed: Fritz Köthe Berlin 1968

Appel Design Gallery, Berlin

Gallerie Lietzow, Berlin

Biksady Gallery, Budapest

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