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PeriPeter Peri 2009,  mixed media on canvas, 122cm x 92 cm

Peter Peri (Born: 1971 in London. Currently lives and works in London).

Peri helds a MA from Chelsea  College of Art. He is represented by many leading galleries as Bortolami Gallery in New York, and Almine Rech Gallery Paris. He has exhibited in France, Germany, Switzerland, England, USA and Mallorca. Peri has shown on Tate Britain, Kunsthalle Basel and Bloomberg New Contemporary. The artist is also represented in collections such as Tate Collection, UBS, Victoria and Albert Museum Collection, among others.

His works held references to modernisme and, he is the grandchild of Laszlo Péri, an hungarian constructivisme who later turned into socialist realistic works. Peri’s recent works develope linear geometric structures, and his talent for details shows the varieties of form an object can take.


Peter Peri 2011, mixed media on canvas, 130cm x 100 cm

Installation view, Bortolami Gallery

Peter Peri has got high prices, but it is not impossible to getting hold of a smaller piece for a friendly amount of money.

Peter Peri, 2  Lakeside Figures  2009, graphite on unbleached paper, 36,5 cm x 44,5 cm

For utterly information:

Bortolami Gallery

New York

Almine Rech Gallery


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