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In Uncategorized on November 8, 2011 at 10:53 pm is a global actor in the art  market which connects auctionmarkets between different countries all over the world. It is a swedish concept with an aim to be site No 1 in the service of giving auction information.

Barnebys is a safe and easy platform searching for art from different well-established auctionhouses around the world. Until now, this is specially best for searching art in Europe, but all of the auction houses afford good service in over-sea shipping.

By purchasing from a smaller European auction house, the chance of getting hold of a piece for a friendly amount of money is not that small. In many cases, some of the art may also be of great technical and artistic high standard without costing much.

If one for example is into more Blair Waldorfs taste of art, Bjørn Ransve might be a suggestion:

(Photo: ChristinaTonkinInteriorsBlair)    Waldorf recidence

Search result from

Bjørn Ransve (Born: 1944 in Oslo) at Blomqvist Auctionhouse (Norwegian).

Bjørn Ransve “Enhjørning”, colorlito. limited edition of 23/65

Size: 59 cm x 80 cm, signed and  dated Bjørn Ransve 1976

Up for auction on the net at Blomqvist

(Valued for between 715 – 1070 USD)

The really good thing about buying on the net, from a safe auctionhouse of course,  is that it is more easy to keep an eye on, and it is faster. It is also no problem getting a username and loggin in. Once you have got the lot. nr. you want, send an email for shipping, or you will be asked autmatic when paying. I may recommend Blomqvist (they are very nice), and Bruun Rasmussen (Danish) . But start at Barnebys!

For more information please visit

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