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Todd DiCiurcio- Gossip Girl Art

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Todd DiCiurcio (Born: 1972 in Pennsylvania. Lives and works in New York). Artist and director.

His drawings and paintings work as a respond to, and created within live music events. The artist has become really known on the New York art scene with his dynamic portraits of up and coming and hot music talents.

The artist appeared cameo on Gossip Giorl in  episode 3, season 3.


Each paintings he makes origins from a skecth of the artit while he or she performs live. In this way he captures the moment in which the energy finds it self.Later on it is beeing transffered on to a canvas. In the works from the exhibition “GOLD” at The Cob Gallery, the artist combined a metallic gold base with printing of his drawing in black enamel, hand-finishing each work on canvas with a coating of diamond dust to create a glittering effect on 45″ x 59″ canvases.


Featured in episode 3, season 3. Todd Diciurcio and Blake Lively (Serena  van der Woodsen looking after a job at the “John Porto Gallery”.

This is what the artist told Chic Report after the shoot at Silvercup Studios:

“The cameo experience was very interesting and fun. When I work on a film, I’m usually on the other side of the lens. I have known most of the cast for some time now, and they are all a gifted bunch….The scene is quick & I was still a bit nervous on the set, which I guess is normal, but Casey Fremont (from Art Production Fund) was there with me and I was cast as myself, being surrounded by some works from my debut show, “Synthesis,” a set made to look like a solo show of mine during a montage scene, and the dialogue was put in on the fly.”

Credit to Chic Report


The artist is also pleased to work with Ed Westwick. As a member of the band The Filthy Youth, he performed at an exhbition Todd DiCiurcio held at Sonto’s Party House in New York.


For utterly information:

The Cob Gallery, London

Jason Bryant- Accessable Art Portfolio

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  Jason Bryant, (Kehinde Wiley)  “Miss Whoever You Are” , 2010


Jason Bryant (Born: 1976, grew up in North Carolina. Currently lives and works in Baltimore and Brooklyn, NY).

Jason Bryant has recieved a BFA from East Carolina University, and a MFA from Maryland Institue College of Art in 2004. At East Carolina University he was encouraged by his mentor Paul Hartley.




oil on canvas

Art is a mirror of the world. It will allways reflect upon the time. Bryant believes in building that mirror, and to enligthen peoples understanding of the world. The artist gave early expression for a talent when he found interest in drawing. Later on he has turned to the art of painting.



Jason Bryant  “How To Wear It”, oil on canvas, 2007, 24 ” x 24 “


Bryant is an artist of habit listening to music while working. Soundtracks from different kinds of movies, letting him be totaly “intoxicated” by the music- transferring the images over to the canvas.




Jason has exhibited at institutions as The Greenville Museum of Art, The Period Gallery in Omaha, Transport Gallery in Los Angeles, Maryland Art Place, among others. His works have also been published in international magazines such as New Art International and Link magazine.

For utterly information:

Like The Spice Gallery, NY

Raandesk Gallery of Art, NY


Laurie Simmons- Gossip Girl Art

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Photo credit: Laurie Simmons

Laurie Simmons (Born: 1949 in Long Island, New York. Works and lives in New York and Cornwall, Connecticut). Simmons recieved a BFA from Tylor School of Art in 1971 and specialises in art and photography. The artist has also recieved a lot of awards, for example Guggenhiem Fellowship in 1997 and National Endowment for the Arts Grant in 1984.


Laurie Simmons was featured going cameo in season 4, ep. 18 “The Kids Stay In the Picture” where the van der Woodsen are beeing photographed by Simmons herself.



Laurie Simmons is known for her works with dolls in dollhouses, presenting arounding we are familiar with, but at the same time a rather melancholic atmosphere.

Below: From the series Long House 2002-2004 by Laurie Simmons



Below: Color Picture 2007-2009 by Laurie Simmons


In 2001, Simmons and the architecht Peter Wheelwright designed an interactive dollhouse caring the name “Kaleidoscope House”, where contemporary artist filled the rooms with small artworks and designs.



more information:

Salon 94, NY

Skarsted Gallery, NY


Baldwin Gallery, ASPEN

Tomio Koyama, TOKYO