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“Brasilia Grows Up” – Accessable Art Portfolio

In Accessable Art Portfolio on February 29, 2012 at 1:27 pm

Jader Neves

 “Untitled 8”   Digital C-print, edition of 15. 24 x 24 inches.  (Night view of the nathional congress)

“Brasilia Grows Up” ( Exhibtion from 2011 at 1500 Gallery).

15oo Gallery is a gallery which presents Brasilian artists. On the 27th of Novemver 2010, they had the pleisure of presenting the group exhibition “Brasilian Grow Up”. The name of the gallery is by the way the same year Brasil was discovered by the Portuguese.

The exhibition was curated by the brasilian photograhper Murillo Meirelles who selected eight icon photoraphs chosen from an archive of old negatives taken by photojournalists from the 1958 to 1960.  The images illustrates the construction phase from the state of a non- organic surroundings in Brasil , turning into a place for contemporary architectur, symbolic statues and combined with art.

 Gervasio Batista

Untitled 3″, Digital C-print  Edition of 15, 24 x 24 inches/48 x48 in. edition of 1

Palàcio da Alvorado (The official residence of the presiden of Brazil



“Untitled 6”  C-Print, Edition of 15. 24 x 24 inches.

Statue of Blind Justice


For more information:

1500 Gallery, New York

Karen Kilimnik -Accessable Art Portfolio

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Archival pigment print with painted glitter, 22 x 16 in, 2010.

Karen Kilimnik (Born: 1955 in Philadelphia). Lives and works in Philadelpiha.

Ms. Kilimnik is educated from Temple University, Philadelphia. She is known for her bold colours, loose brushwork and incorporation of celebrities in old-masters studies.But she is also known for her many installations, which reflect a young viewpoint of the modern society.

Image“My walk in the woods at night” , photography –  Karen Kilimnik

Kilimnik has become a well-known and collected artist, and ha s exhibited in many countries on the continent, as well as at home in the US. In the late 80’s, the artist presented patently punk and destructive installation art. Later on, her works are filled with literary tradition of gothic mystic, fairytales and scenes with pop-cult figures such as Paris Hilton, and Leonardo DiCaprio, dressed in historical clothing.

“The Devil’s Carriage & Attendants”- Karen Kilimnik

(Painting from Van der Woodsen loft, season 2) .


View from the installation “The Hellfire Club Episode of the Avanger” from 1989. The installation is based upon the television show The Avenger.

From the installation at 303 Gallery, 2011.

For utterly information:

303 Gallery, New York

James Nares- Gossip Girl Art

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Painting: James Nares, season 4, ep. 18

James Nares (Born: 1953 in London). Lives and works in New York.

James Nares is now a great and well-known artist among art-lovers and collectors. However, at the beginning, Nares had to climb up his own way to the to, but was collected by friends and fellow-artists. He can now be found in collections such as for exampel Paul Kasmin Gallery.


James Nares “in action”

Over: James Nares, “Untitled 2008”  oil on paper  60 x 44 in.

The artist in action, taking a” Tom Cruise- Mission Impossible”

James Nares, “Mines’s Made Up” 2009, oil on linen  85 x 55 in.

James Nares, “Now We Know” 2008, oil on linen  30 x 81 in.

Serena van der Woodsen in the entrance hall. The painting in the background is actually a permanent feature at the location.

For utterly information:

Paul Kasmin Gallery, NY