Alstad Øhren


Photo: Ivar Kvaal, (photo taken for the article “Young At Art” , D2 magazine)

Art is believed to be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. My name is Johan C. Alstad-Øhren. I’m a jurist, art history student and an art collector from Norway. My mission is to make art accessible.

As a fifteen-year-old, I bought my first painting for 100 USD through one of BLOMQVIST’s art auctions. One year later I worked as a construction worker in Trondheim, Norway, and earned my first 2000 USD. I spent them all on a piece of art by the famous norwegian artist Håkon Gullvåg. Since then, I’ve spent all my savings on art because I find it fun and interesting.

It is indeed possible to buy art without having a lot of money – without being Chuck Bass or Blair Waldorf.

“Accessable Art” is supposed to cover most of the art featured on Gossip Girl, and present new art as well; with pieces ranging in price from 200 USD to circa 15 000 USD. These pieces will be presented under “Accessable Art Portfolio”.


  1. Johan i love this ….x

  2. I really love your blog. Keep up the good work! I`m Norwegian, but study in NY and the art galleries here are just amezing..

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