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Katherine Bernhardt- Accessable Art Portfolio

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Katherine Bernhardt,” Naomi”, acrylic on canvas 60 x 48 in.

Katherine Bernhardt (Born: 1975 in Clayton, Missouri. Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY). She recieved her MFA from School of Visual Arts in New York, and her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Bernhardt is an international well known artist. She has had a numerous exhibitions and been presented at art messes. Katherine bernhardt is especially known for her woman based portrait of glossary women on an acrylic canvas. Her paintings have a sort of expressionistic and abstract touch, using symbols and female stars.


 Katherine Bernhardt “,Dior darling” 2011, acrylic on canvas 60 x 48 in.

When CHANEL launched their J12 watch in 2007, Kathrine Bernhardt got to make a store installation for the occation. She has also worked with several fashion institutions.


Katherine Bernhardt, “Prada yellow earrings” 2011, acrylic on canvas 60 x 48 in.

 Katherine Bernhardt, “Rihanna, I’ve loved and I’ve lost”, 2011, acrylic on canvas 60 x 48 in.

 Exhibition view from NOMAD at Loyal Gallery

Photo credit: Loyal Gallery

For utterly information:

LOYAL Gallery, Malmö

Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve Paris

Saatchi Gallery

“Brasilia Grows Up” – Accessable Art Portfolio

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Jader Neves

 “Untitled 8”   Digital C-print, edition of 15. 24 x 24 inches.  (Night view of the nathional congress)

“Brasilia Grows Up” ( Exhibtion from 2011 at 1500 Gallery).

15oo Gallery is a gallery which presents Brasilian artists. On the 27th of Novemver 2010, they had the pleisure of presenting the group exhibition “Brasilian Grow Up”. The name of the gallery is by the way the same year Brasil was discovered by the Portuguese.

The exhibition was curated by the brasilian photograhper Murillo Meirelles who selected eight icon photoraphs chosen from an archive of old negatives taken by photojournalists from the 1958 to 1960.  The images illustrates the construction phase from the state of a non- organic surroundings in Brasil , turning into a place for contemporary architectur, symbolic statues and combined with art.

 Gervasio Batista

Untitled 3″, Digital C-print  Edition of 15, 24 x 24 inches/48 x48 in. edition of 1

Palàcio da Alvorado (The official residence of the presiden of Brazil



“Untitled 6”  C-Print, Edition of 15. 24 x 24 inches.

Statue of Blind Justice


For more information:

1500 Gallery, New York

Karen Kilimnik -Accessable Art Portfolio

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Archival pigment print with painted glitter, 22 x 16 in, 2010.

Karen Kilimnik (Born: 1955 in Philadelphia). Lives and works in Philadelpiha.

Ms. Kilimnik is educated from Temple University, Philadelphia. She is known for her bold colours, loose brushwork and incorporation of celebrities in old-masters studies.But she is also known for her many installations, which reflect a young viewpoint of the modern society.

Image“My walk in the woods at night” , photography –  Karen Kilimnik

Kilimnik has become a well-known and collected artist, and ha s exhibited in many countries on the continent, as well as at home in the US. In the late 80’s, the artist presented patently punk and destructive installation art. Later on, her works are filled with literary tradition of gothic mystic, fairytales and scenes with pop-cult figures such as Paris Hilton, and Leonardo DiCaprio, dressed in historical clothing.

“The Devil’s Carriage & Attendants”- Karen Kilimnik

(Painting from Van der Woodsen loft, season 2) .


View from the installation “The Hellfire Club Episode of the Avanger” from 1989. The installation is based upon the television show The Avenger.

From the installation at 303 Gallery, 2011.

For utterly information:

303 Gallery, New York

David Gilliver- Accessable Art Portfolio

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David Gilliver  “Neon Oyster”

David Gilliver (Born: 1979 in Aberdeen, Scotland).Currently lives and works in St. Peter Port, on the Island of Guernsey.

During the 20 years  he spent living in Glasgow, Gilliver went to Glasgow School of Art where he recieved a BA Hons Degree in Fine Art Photography. He has recently found the great interest in the surroundings of Guernsey.The artist has become known specially known for his art of making psychadelic Light Paintings.


David Gilliver    “The Beacon”

The effect is not an object of computer manipulation, but a photographic technique called long exposure and many points of light.David Gilliver started to experiment with long exposure photography in hours around dusk and after sunset, allowing the camera to keep on exposing for longer time, producing images and effects incapable for the human eye to see.


David Gilliver    “Neon Ribbons”

The technique used by the artist, involves the photographer using a long- duration shutter speed on the camera, while he walks into the picture frame adding the lights he wants, using glow sticks, light orb or torches. The shoot may last as longs a 30 minutes. The effect also makes moving objects blurry, while stationary object remain sharp.


David Gilliver    “The Bunker”

David Gilliver    “Electric Vazon”

For utterly information:

Saatchi Gallery


Jason Bryant- Accessable Art Portfolio

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  Jason Bryant, (Kehinde Wiley)  “Miss Whoever You Are” , 2010


Jason Bryant (Born: 1976, grew up in North Carolina. Currently lives and works in Baltimore and Brooklyn, NY).

Jason Bryant has recieved a BFA from East Carolina University, and a MFA from Maryland Institue College of Art in 2004. At East Carolina University he was encouraged by his mentor Paul Hartley.




oil on canvas

Art is a mirror of the world. It will allways reflect upon the time. Bryant believes in building that mirror, and to enligthen peoples understanding of the world. The artist gave early expression for a talent when he found interest in drawing. Later on he has turned to the art of painting.



Jason Bryant  “How To Wear It”, oil on canvas, 2007, 24 ” x 24 “


Bryant is an artist of habit listening to music while working. Soundtracks from different kinds of movies, letting him be totaly “intoxicated” by the music- transferring the images over to the canvas.




Jason has exhibited at institutions as The Greenville Museum of Art, The Period Gallery in Omaha, Transport Gallery in Los Angeles, Maryland Art Place, among others. His works have also been published in international magazines such as New Art International and Link magazine.

For utterly information:

Like The Spice Gallery, NY

Raandesk Gallery of Art, NY


Jessica Craig- Martin -Accessable Art Portfolio

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“Let’s Party”

Get hold of an original Jessica Craig-Martin!

The artist was first presented in the Gossip Girl show in season two, on the  walls of Chuck Bass and the van der Woodsens.

Jessica Craig-Martin (Born:  1963 Hanover, NH).  Lives and works in New York, NY

Klick on the link to see previously post about Jessica Craig-Martin on Accessable Art

Jessica Craig-Martin- Gossip Girl Art

The internet-based gallery “20×200”, founded by Jen Bekman, is happy to present new limited editions of work  by Craig-Martin, exclusive to ” 20 x 200″ . They  are all archival pigment prints signed by the artist. In the sizes from 8″ x 10 inches up to 24″ x 30 inches.

“Couger Friends”

Jessica Craig-Martin is one of the most famous artists in the US, specially for her cropped images of the decadent lifstyle to the “rich and famous”.

“I feel that a well examined detail can tell the whole story better than a pulled back, general shot of a scene. The angle of a shot can convey the particular combination of levity and anxiety one can feel in social situations. My art dealer once called it my “drunken lens.” The photographs that work best for me have a sense of human fragility. Unrealized dreams; our perverse optimism as we swim upstream like salmon in order to mate, find love, security, money, power, to retain youth against all odds and evidence. One is never so naked as when dressed for a party”

Jessica Craig-Martin

The “20 x 200”  delievers prints for a nice amount, so everyone can fulfill their desire to purchase a piece of art.  In 2003,  CEO Jen Bekman opened her little gallery on the Lower East Side, with a mission of supporting emergin artists and collectors ,and also making art available!

For further information, visit:


Peter Peri- Accessable Art Portfolio

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PeriPeter Peri 2009,  mixed media on canvas, 122cm x 92 cm

Peter Peri (Born: 1971 in London. Currently lives and works in London).

Peri helds a MA from Chelsea  College of Art. He is represented by many leading galleries as Bortolami Gallery in New York, and Almine Rech Gallery Paris. He has exhibited in France, Germany, Switzerland, England, USA and Mallorca. Peri has shown on Tate Britain, Kunsthalle Basel and Bloomberg New Contemporary. The artist is also represented in collections such as Tate Collection, UBS, Victoria and Albert Museum Collection, among others.

His works held references to modernisme and, he is the grandchild of Laszlo Péri, an hungarian constructivisme who later turned into socialist realistic works. Peri’s recent works develope linear geometric structures, and his talent for details shows the varieties of form an object can take.


Peter Peri 2011, mixed media on canvas, 130cm x 100 cm

Installation view, Bortolami Gallery

Peter Peri has got high prices, but it is not impossible to getting hold of a smaller piece for a friendly amount of money.

Peter Peri, 2  Lakeside Figures  2009, graphite on unbleached paper, 36,5 cm x 44,5 cm

For utterly information:

Bortolami Gallery

New York

Almine Rech Gallery


Guido Argentini- Accessable Art Portfolio

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“Giuila in a zen position”

Guido Argentini  (Born: 1966 in Florence, Italy. Currently lives and works in Los Angeles, US).

Argentini studied medicin for three years, but chosed to shoot fashion in stead at the age of 23. His works has been been published by some of the leading world wide magazines as “MarieClaire” , “Men’s Healt”, “Maxim”, “Vogue”, “Playboy” and others.

The artist

The artist also has a great passion for sculpture and dance, which he expressed throug his first book “SILVEREYE”, published in 2003.  Here, Argentino presented  a sublime series of studio and landscape nudes. Later, in 2005, he published his second book “PRIVATE ROOMS” , a result of ten years photograps. The artist  invites us into a universe of feminisme through a meeting with eroticism and beauty, where the photographs are all intimate taken in in ancient villas, closed rooms, and elegant five stars locations. But it is first in 2007, when he released his third book “REFLECTIONS”  that he takes the female study to a nother level. The book contains photograhps of women looking at themself in the mirror- a study of how they studie themself.



(Some of the works may remind a little bit of Robert Mapplethorpe) :

“Guilia inside a sircle IV”

Robert Mapplethorpe, “Thomas” 1987. Gelatin silverprint 47,9 x 47,9 cm.

Guido Argentini “Belen and a chrystal chandelier”  2009, signed. 48 x 48 inches.

For more information:

Galerie Sho Contemporary, Tokyo

Guy Hepner, Wetst  Hollywood

Accessable Art Portfolio- Jacob Dahl Jürgensen

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Jacob Dahl Jürgensen (Born: 1974 in Chopenhagen, Denmark. Lives and works in London).

Jürgensen got a MA in Fine Art studies from Goldsmiths College London in 2005.  He works with collages, sculptures,prints, and installations. Many of his works have references to modernist art, design, psychology, pop culture- which makes him a multiple artist- and he often quotes from the art history. Jürgensen is also one of the few artist participating in the International Residency Program at Location One, NY( a no-profit organization established to support new forms of creative expressions and cultural exhange).

Jacob Dahl Jürgensen, “Spectral Poster (Invocation)“,  2007. Silkscreen print and spray on paper. 70 x 100 cm.

Jacob Dahl Jürgensen, “Spectral Poster (Evocation)”, 2007. Sikscreen print and spray paint on paper. 70 x 100 cm.

Jacob Dahl Jürgensen, “Untitled Poster”, 2006. inkjet print on paper, 84 x 119 cm.

For utterly information:

Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle, München

Galerie Nicolas Krupp, Basel

Wilkinson Gallery, London

Accessable Art Portfolio- Mickey Smith

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Mickey Smith     “Leather Filler”, Archival Pigment Print, 2010, 30×20 inches

Mickey Smith (Born: 1972 in Duluth, MN USA).

Smith has recieved a BA in Photography from Minnesota State University in 1994. She has exhibited in New York, China, Russia and Mexico. She has also recieved the McKnight  Artist Fellowship for Photoraphy, and grants from Forecast Public Art Affairs (among some of the honors and awards she has recieved). Ms. Smith is popular among collectors and well established art institutions.The artist has also made serveral public projects.

Real Growth and Decline in Defense Operating Costs
President Carter’s Energy Proposal: A Perspective
Recovery with Inflation
The Food Stamp Program
(From the “Forever Govern Ignorance”- project).  Mickey Smith, Archival Pigment Print, 2010,30×20 inches

Mickey Smith      “Photography for Beginners“, Archival Pigment Print on Canvas, 2010, 72×47 inches

Collocation No. 13 (NATURE) East Wall,
Photographs Fired on Art Glass, Engraved Text Filled with Laquer, 2009. From University of Florida, Bimedical Sciences Building. Eight 40×60 inch panels.
For utterly information:


14A Orchard Street

New York, NY 10002