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Paul Villinski- Gossip Girl Art,Season 4

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Paul Villinski (born: 1960, in York, Maine). Lives and works in his studio in Long Island City.

Villinski has been shown in a numerous exhibitions, and he is widely collected among collectors. He is specially known for his “butterflies”, which he describes as “three-dimensional paintings”.

The butterflies also have a symbolic function, and Villinski tries to develop a conseptual unity between materials, process, and imagery. The artist also makes philosophically questions regarding the relationship between human beings and butterflies. If we are “more like them than we suspect, or could we be?” are some of the questions he asks.

The installation he made for Gossip Girl, which has been featured throughout the Season 4, is comprised of more than 200 smoke-black butterflies. The piece is installed over Serena’s bed in her bedroom. The set was revealed during the broadcast on Monday,Sept. 27, 2010.

The butterflies really make the wall more “lively” over Lively’s head”.

Paul Villinski has received several awards for his works.

Lehman Gallery, NY


Rene Smith- Gossip Girl Art, Season 1

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Larchwood, Iowa, 2010. Painting by Rene Smith, first time featured in Episode 14, Season 1.

Rene Smith (Born: Philadelphia. Lives and works in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York).

The artist recieved her M.F.A  in painting from Tylor School of Art in Philadelphia and a B.A. in painting from Bennington College in Vermont. Her studio is located across the street to Silvercup Studios where the filming takes place.

How her work “landed on” Rufus Hunprey’s walls, Ms. Smith told the Gothamist on 22. of April, 2008:

Since her studio is close to the Gossip Girl Set, she brought the painting to Silvercup Studios and was let in. Here she was lucky to present her work for the art departement. After a while she got a phonecall, letting her know they were interested in using her painting in the show.

Rene Smith also got a tour on the set, which is enormous. She was also introduced to the producers, who liked her works. How much the show rented the painting for is confidencial, but Smith herself said to the that “the amount was very helpful in terms of supporting my new works”.

Rene Smith is just another example of good and talented Brooklyn-artist who have been chosen by the art departement in Gossip Girl.


David Allen Gallery Brooklyn, NY

Deiglan Gallery Akureyri, Iceland

Koi Gallery Bangkok, Thailand


Source: The Gothamist, By Jen Carlson in Arts and Events onApril 22, 2008 

Jessica Craig-Martin – Gossip Girl Art, Season 2

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Mid-Summer Dream Opening Animal Theme, Southampton 2007 (Renovation Complete), 2007


48 x 69 1/2 inches (121.5 x 183.5 cm)

Jessica Craig-Martin (Born:  1963 Hanover, NH).  Lives and works in New York, NY

Craig-Martin has worked for Vogue and Vanity Fair, and has become celebrity artist. She is also on the board of Directors at The Art Production Fund who has curated “the Van der Woodsen loft” for Gossip Girl.

The artist rarely let the audience identify the subject’s faces, and she also photographs “the moment”, or part of clothes or a party. By doing so, Craig-Martin tells details about the society’s superficial   way of living or thinking, and also their obsession of the surface.

“Renovation Complete”, first time featured in Episode 8, Season 2. Outside Serena’s bedroom.

Jessica Craig- Martins photograph “Showing Pink” featured first time in Episode 5, Season 2.

In the same episode Lily’s art-dealer picks out art for decoration of the Van der Woodsen apartment.  Jessica Craig –Martin has been chosen for the kitchen wall. Other artist who has been picked out is Kiki Smith for the hall, Richard Phillips by the stairs, and Ryan McGinley next to the fireplace. In the background; Prada Marfa special edition sign by Elmgreen & Dragset.

Watermill Center, benefit Gala 2007, (Showing Pink), 2007.


32 1/2 x 49 3/4 inches (82.6 x 126.4 cm)

“New Jeans, New Pool”, first time featured in Episode 10, Season 2. Chuck Bass’s bedroom at the Van der Woodsen loft.

Real Estate Brokers, Southampton 2007 (New Jeans , New Pool), 2007


34 1/2 x 49 3/4 inches (87.6 x 126.4 cm)

Greenberg Van Doren Gallery, New York

Christian Dam Galleries, Copenhagen, Denmark; Oslo, Norway

Jeffrey Rothstein- Gossip Girl Art Season 2, Episode 21

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Photograph on the wall by Jeffrey Rothstein. The flowers-foto was made in a field outside of Hood River, Oregon.

First time featured in Ep. 21, Season 2.In a hotel-room.

Photograph on the wall: Japanese Koi photographed in Kyoto, Japan.

The pieces either side of the bed are 30×40″ chromogenic prints from colour negative film that is cross processed.

The wall piece by the door: Two photographs of crashing ocean waves combined on to one sheet of paper – 30x 40″.

The pieces were commissioned by Christina Tonkin for a private interior design client, but were barrowed for the shoot. The works are printed by Jeffrey in his darkroom up to 60×80″. All images are printed on Fuji Crystal Archival chromogenic paper.

Jeffrey Rothstein has been based in New York for the past 25 years. He has lived in London and Carribean. He studied physics before turning to photography and received a B.A. from Hampshire College. Jeffrey workd for 10 years as a fashion and still/life photographer prior to devoting his energies full time to his personal work.


For more information, please visit his homepage, or contact Accessable Art. A work by Jeffrey Rothstein is perfect to any kinds of rooms.His works do notnecessarily have to be that expensive either.

Patrick McMullan- Gossip Girl Art

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Season 3, Episode 3. Chuck and Blair attending a Sotheby’s auction.  “Photo by Patrick McMullan”

(Digital image altered with Nik Software’s Color Effect pro to look like a black and white film photo. Made so it looks like one of McMullan’s photos from the 80′s by the Patrick McMullan Company).

Patrick McMullan (born in New York), is an American celebrity photographer, columnist, television personality and socialite. His works focuses normally on persons, especially celebrities, fashion designers, artists, actors, models and the power elite.

McMullan’s photographs from the 80’s are the most sought after pieces among collectors. Patrick McMullan’s original works are also represented in the Gossip Girl set.

Patrick McMullan in the background on the blue wall. On the right hand: Ryan McGinley.

The scene from the auction at Sotheby’s in New York, Season 3, Ep. 3

Pilot-Gossip Girl Art

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Richard Phillips

“Spectrum” by Richard Phillips, 1998.

First time featured in Gossip Girl, Lily Van der Woodsen collection , Season 2, episode 5.

Richard Phillips (born 1962 in Massachussets), lives and works in New York.  He is known for his large-scale glossy hyper-realistic paintings, in the style of magazines from the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970s, and with references to popular image culture.

Elmgreen & Dragset

Prada Marfa, 2005, Sign by Elmgreen & Dragset, first time featured in Season 2, Episode 5.

Special edition made for Gossip Girl, before making “Prada Marfa”- a permanent sculpture in Texas by the Berlin arists Michael Elmgreen (born: 1961 Copenhagen, Denmark) and Ingar Dragset (born: 1968 Trondheim, Norway).

“Prada Marfa”-Texas, 2005.

Kiki Smith

“Carrier”,  2001, (Most likely) Intaglio with hand applied water color, 22 3/4 x  55 1/4 inches. Edition 33.  First time featured in Season 2, Episode 5.

Kiki Smith (born: 1954, Nuremberg, Germany . Lives and works in USA)

An Etching  and aquantin in colors with hand-coloring with the same margins was sold at the Auctionhous Phillips for 3125 USD in 2008, estimated between 3500 and 5500 USD.

For utterly information:

Larissa Goldston Gallery, NYC


Ryan McGinley

Falling “Sand”, 2007, c-print, 48 x 72 inches. First time featured in Season 2, Ep. 7

Ryan McGinley (born: 1977, lives in New York).

Team Gallery Inc., New York

The vase is from Crate  & Barrel


Rita Wilmers

“Three of Hearts” acrylic and Pen on Paper, 22 x 33 inches.First time featured in Season 1, ep. 4

Rita Wilmers ( lives and works in Forest Hills, Queens)

Her works has been shown in Galleries, private collections, and one-woman shows. Wilmers has aslo been a children’s fashion designer. She has also been subjekt of an article in the New York Post

For more examples of Mrs. Wilmers art, visit