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Kevin Fey- Gossip Girl Art, Season 1, ep. 12 and 13.

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From the show “Surface as Substance”

Kevin Fey (Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY).

Fey recieved his BFA from The Cooper Union in 2008, and is now a collected artist- but also a table tennis player. He is also known for beeing found of fashion.

Kevin  Fey- from the show “Surface as Substance”

The painting featured on Gossip Girl in ep. 12 and 13, season 1.

For more information, contact:

Martha Walker- Gossip Girl Art, Season 1, ep. 12 and 13.

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Martha Walker (Born: 1953 in Kansas City, Missouri. Currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York).

Walker lived in Sweden for three years as a young girl, but moved to Brooklyn where she attended Pratt Institute majoring in drawing and sculpture, 1971-1976. She also attended the institute from 1999- 2001 for a Master in Art Education- with honors.

Martha Walker is a recognized and famous artist, and taken in by the producers of Gossip Girl when she was reffered to by a nother Brooklyn- artist. She was first time featured on the show in season 1, ep. 12 and 13 (in Rufus Humphrey ‘s gallery).  But she has also been shown in later episodes.




Martha Walker, “T’Kiyyah” (Sound Of The Shofar), puddled steel 20 inches high, 18 inches wide, 12 inches deep, 2006




Martha Walker, “Hope”, 42 inches high, 18 inches wide, 18 inches deep, puddled steel, 2005


The sculpture “Hope” is inspired by a quote by Anne Frank:

“It’s a wonder I haven’t abandoned all my ideals, they seem so absurd and impractical. Yet I cling to them because I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are truly good at heart.”

The work was later purchaced by a patron and placed at the Anne Frank Center in New York.

Martha Walker
Sculptruth Studios
168 7th Street 2LBrooklyn
New York 11215
(718) 208-8779

Judy Glantzman- Gossip Girl Art, Season 1, Pilot

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Judy Glantzman (The painting behind R.Humphrey) at Rufus Humphreys Gallery in Brooklyn,First time featured in Season 1, Pilot.

Judy Glantzman (Born: 1956 in Long Island NY. Lives and works in New York City).

She holds a BFA in painting from Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI

Judy Glantzman on the wall to the left.

Judy Glantzman , Untitled 2004 oil on canvas 90 x 80 inches

Judy Glantzman also works with sculpture.

Judy Glantzman Untitled 1996 Super Sculpey 6,25 x 8 x1o inches

If one likes Glantzman’s works, Pierogi Gallery in Brooklyn offers  some nice pieces for a good price. (See below).

Three pieces on paper:    Judy Glantzman, Untitled,  Prismacolor on black paper, 12 x 18 inches , estimated under 1200 USD Pierogi Gallery, Brooklyn


Betty Cuningham Gallery, NYC

PIEROGI Gallery, Brooklyn, NYC

Linda Bradford- Gossip Girl Art ep. 4, Season 1

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Rufus Humphrey at “Bedford Avenue Gallery” . The artist behind the painting Rufus is carrying is still uncertain.

First time featured in ep. 4, Season 1.

Linda Bradford (Currently lives in: Long Island City, NY).

Bradford is known for her strikingly computerized aesthetic, where her stripes create a virtual- reality look.

Some other works:

Linda Bradford, “Rio”

Linda Bradford, “High Rise”

Linda Bradford, “Infinite Resolution”

“In Infinite Resolution, an installation occupying a ten-cubic-foot space, Linda Bradford has managed to create genuine magic, a breathtaking sensation of transcendence derived from the most concrete of means. This quietly theatrical environment consists of a stage-box formed of three large canvases suspended in space. The panels glow with a cold fire, generated by silvery medium laid on in broad, slightly flowing vertical stripes and bathed in what seems to be pale-blue moonlight. The light, emanating from no visible source, is so universally ambient as to transform the concrete floor into a magic carpet dyed a celestial azure. This seems airborne, lifting the whole ensemble into another, weightless world, a realm that appears to expand and contract, as if breathing in time with the music of the spheres. No one encounters this piece without experiencing a sense of transport, well beyond the physical.”

Daniel Wheeler

For more information about this work, check out the following  link:

Menard, Tonkin and Kilimnik- Gossip Girl Art

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Darius Menard, Tree painting at the Waldoorf’s.

Photograph by Christina Tonkin.

Featured in Episode 4, Season 1.

Karen Kilimnik,(black painting with the white dog behind the mirror).

Featured in Episode 9, Season 2.

“The Devil’s Carriage & Attendants”- Karen Kilimnik

Featured in Episode 8, Season 2

Rene Smith- Gossip Girl Art, Season 1

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Larchwood, Iowa, 2010. Painting by Rene Smith, first time featured in Episode 14, Season 1.

Rene Smith (Born: Philadelphia. Lives and works in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York).

The artist recieved her M.F.A  in painting from Tylor School of Art in Philadelphia and a B.A. in painting from Bennington College in Vermont. Her studio is located across the street to Silvercup Studios where the filming takes place.

How her work “landed on” Rufus Hunprey’s walls, Ms. Smith told the Gothamist on 22. of April, 2008:

Since her studio is close to the Gossip Girl Set, she brought the painting to Silvercup Studios and was let in. Here she was lucky to present her work for the art departement. After a while she got a phonecall, letting her know they were interested in using her painting in the show.

Rene Smith also got a tour on the set, which is enormous. She was also introduced to the producers, who liked her works. How much the show rented the painting for is confidencial, but Smith herself said to the that “the amount was very helpful in terms of supporting my new works”.

Rene Smith is just another example of good and talented Brooklyn-artist who have been chosen by the art departement in Gossip Girl.


David Allen Gallery Brooklyn, NY

Deiglan Gallery Akureyri, Iceland

Koi Gallery Bangkok, Thailand


Source: The Gothamist, By Jen Carlson in Arts and Events onApril 22, 2008