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James Nares- Gossip Girl Art

In Gossip Girl, Gossip Girl Art, Season 4 on February 3, 2012 at 5:01 pm

Painting: James Nares, season 4, ep. 18

James Nares (Born: 1953 in London). Lives and works in New York.

James Nares is now a great and well-known artist among art-lovers and collectors. However, at the beginning, Nares had to climb up his own way to the to, but was collected by friends and fellow-artists. He can now be found in collections such as for exampel Paul Kasmin Gallery.


James Nares “in action”

Over: James Nares, “Untitled 2008”  oil on paper  60 x 44 in.

The artist in action, taking a” Tom Cruise- Mission Impossible”

James Nares, “Mines’s Made Up” 2009, oil on linen  85 x 55 in.

James Nares, “Now We Know” 2008, oil on linen  30 x 81 in.

Serena van der Woodsen in the entrance hall. The painting in the background is actually a permanent feature at the location.

For utterly information:

Paul Kasmin Gallery, NY

Arnie Arlow-Gossip Girl Art

In Gossip Girl Art, Season 4 on August 30, 2011 at 9:34 pm

Arnie Arlow- Season 4        ( At Blair Waldoorf, Photo:Christina Tonkin)



Arnie Arlow ( Born: 1933 in Brooklyn,New York)

Arlow graduated from High School of Music and Art in 1950, to get a BFA from Cooper Union Art School in ’54. He has exhibited several times on the continent, in Spain and France to mention some countries, and is famous for his art and advertisement.



Arnie Arlow    “Mallorca”    48″ x 48″




During  1988, the artist contributed as art director for the ABSOLUTE VODKA campaign, and in 1990 the magazine advertisment for the brand was the best of the year.Arnie Arlow has also contributed as mentor for students of art and design, and has recieved awards for his achievements.





Arnie Arlow     “Amsterdam”   48″  x 48″



For utterly information:

Arnie Arlow

PO Box 1311 Amagansett

New York 11930

Marilyn Minter- Gossip Girl Art

In Gossip Girl Art, Season 2, Season 4 on August 7, 2011 at 12:00 am

Marilyn Minter- “Stepping Up”  Enamel on metal, 96 x 60 in.

Marilyn Minter (Born: 1948 in Shreveport, Louisiana but raised in Florida. Currently lives and works in New York).

Minter helds a master of fine art degree from Syracuse University. She  now teaches in fine art at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

While she was student, Marilyn Minter created a series of photographic studies with her drug -addicted  mother among the objects. Later she started to incorporate the sexuality from the Pop-derived pictures, and imagery from the porn industry. Her works  often include sexuality, erotic imagery, and a touch of “urban glam”.  Minter uses the good old darkroom in the process, and is not a fan of digital manipulation.

Marlin Minter is one of the greatest and most important living temporary artist, and is widely known among collectors and institutions.

On the wall to the left: Marilyn Minter’s “Stepping Up”. In the background: Ryan McGinley, season 2, ep. 11.

From season 4, ep. 18

I have not yet managed to find the concrete work to the right.

Marilyn Minter- in Serena van der Woodsen bedroom

“Frostbite” 2006,        Season 2, ep. 11.

For utterly information, please contact:

Salon 94

12 East 94th Street

New York, NY 10128

Kruithof and Menard- Gossip Girl Art ep. 18, Season 4

In Gossip Girl Art, Season 4 on April 20, 2011 at 12:07 pm

Serena van der Woodsen’s bedroom

Painting to the left:  Emilio  Kruithof, “Pink Lady”.

To the right:  Darius Menard- green painting

Darius Menard (No information yet)

Emilio Kruithof (Born: 1969 in Monster, Holland). He graduated from Sint Joost Academy of Fine Art in Breda in 1995. Kruithof was shortly after invited to numerous of exhibitions, and today he is widely known in his country, and highly regarded abroad.

His paintings contain beautiful women in their right element which he creates- it may seem. The woman is his subject, and Kruithof has mentioned himself that he used to collect illustrations of women from LP covers and magazines.  To Emilio Kruithof, the skin is the vital part of the female body.

Jaski Art Gallery, Amsterdam

Photography from Christina Tonkin Interiors & Events,

Emilio Kruithof has also other pieces featured in season 4.

Below: “Act of Decadance”

I have also found some other pieces by Kruithof which are really nice.

“Universal indifference”

Emilio Kruithof has also made some silkscreens in an edition of 150 (graphic works). The silkscreen below  can be purchased at Jaski Art Gallery in Amsterdam.

“The lover she used to be”, silkscreen, 90 x 125 cm, € 950

Paul Villinski- Gossip Girl Art,Season 4

In Gossip Girl Art, Season 4 on March 10, 2011 at 7:03 pm

Paul Villinski (born: 1960, in York, Maine). Lives and works in his studio in Long Island City.

Villinski has been shown in a numerous exhibitions, and he is widely collected among collectors. He is specially known for his “butterflies”, which he describes as “three-dimensional paintings”.

The butterflies also have a symbolic function, and Villinski tries to develop a conseptual unity between materials, process, and imagery. The artist also makes philosophically questions regarding the relationship between human beings and butterflies. If we are “more like them than we suspect, or could we be?” are some of the questions he asks.

The installation he made for Gossip Girl, which has been featured throughout the Season 4, is comprised of more than 200 smoke-black butterflies. The piece is installed over Serena’s bed in her bedroom. The set was revealed during the broadcast on Monday,Sept. 27, 2010.

The butterflies really make the wall more “lively” over Lively’s head”.

Paul Villinski has received several awards for his works.

Lehman Gallery, NY