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David Gilliver- Accessable Art Portfolio

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David Gilliver  “Neon Oyster”

David Gilliver (Born: 1979 in Aberdeen, Scotland).Currently lives and works in St. Peter Port, on the Island of Guernsey.

During the 20 years  he spent living in Glasgow, Gilliver went to Glasgow School of Art where he recieved a BA Hons Degree in Fine Art Photography. He has recently found the great interest in the surroundings of Guernsey.The artist has become known specially known for his art of making psychadelic Light Paintings.


David Gilliver    “The Beacon”

The effect is not an object of computer manipulation, but a photographic technique called long exposure and many points of light.David Gilliver started to experiment with long exposure photography in hours around dusk and after sunset, allowing the camera to keep on exposing for longer time, producing images and effects incapable for the human eye to see.


David Gilliver    “Neon Ribbons”

The technique used by the artist, involves the photographer using a long- duration shutter speed on the camera, while he walks into the picture frame adding the lights he wants, using glow sticks, light orb or torches. The shoot may last as longs a 30 minutes. The effect also makes moving objects blurry, while stationary object remain sharp.


David Gilliver    “The Bunker”

David Gilliver    “Electric Vazon”

For utterly information:

Saatchi Gallery



Jessica Craig- Martin -Accessable Art Portfolio

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“Let’s Party”

Get hold of an original Jessica Craig-Martin!

The artist was first presented in the Gossip Girl show in season two, on the  walls of Chuck Bass and the van der Woodsens.

Jessica Craig-Martin (Born:  1963 Hanover, NH).  Lives and works in New York, NY

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Jessica Craig-Martin- Gossip Girl Art

The internet-based gallery “20×200”, founded by Jen Bekman, is happy to present new limited editions of work  by Craig-Martin, exclusive to ” 20 x 200″ . They  are all archival pigment prints signed by the artist. In the sizes from 8″ x 10 inches up to 24″ x 30 inches.

“Couger Friends”

Jessica Craig-Martin is one of the most famous artists in the US, specially for her cropped images of the decadent lifstyle to the “rich and famous”.

“I feel that a well examined detail can tell the whole story better than a pulled back, general shot of a scene. The angle of a shot can convey the particular combination of levity and anxiety one can feel in social situations. My art dealer once called it my “drunken lens.” The photographs that work best for me have a sense of human fragility. Unrealized dreams; our perverse optimism as we swim upstream like salmon in order to mate, find love, security, money, power, to retain youth against all odds and evidence. One is never so naked as when dressed for a party”

Jessica Craig-Martin

The “20 x 200”  delievers prints for a nice amount, so everyone can fulfill their desire to purchase a piece of art.  In 2003,  CEO Jen Bekman opened her little gallery on the Lower East Side, with a mission of supporting emergin artists and collectors ,and also making art available!

For further information, visit:


Accessable Art Portfolio

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Scott Hug

“Praise the Lord”, 2006,

Silkscreen and latex on canvas 24 x30 in.

Scott Hug is born in Jefferson City, M. The artist lives and works in New York, NY.


“No Escaping Martha”, 2005, Scott Hug

Digital ink on waterproof canvas, black mirror, custom wood frame

18 x 17 inches


John Connelly Gallery NYC

Paulina Olowska

“Wooly Jumpers”, 2010
Oil on canvas
68.9 x 49.21 inches
175 x 125 cm
(MP# 63)


The artist is born in 1976, in Gdansk, Poland. She lives and works in Warsaw. Attended School of the Art Institute of Chicago (BFA 1996); Academy of Fine Arts, Gdansk, Poland (MFA 2000)

Metro Pictures Gallery, New York, NY



Josephine Pryde

Joesphine Pryde (Born 1967, Alnwick, Northumberland, England).


Rena Spaulings Fine Art, New York, NY.


In Introduction on December 28, 2010 at 8:05 pm

Photo: Ivar Kvaal

Welcome to Accessable Art! My name is Johan Alstad Øhren- the founder of Accessable Art.  I’m a Norwegian law student and art collector, as well as a Gossip Girl fan. What I’ve found is that Gossip Girl has become an arena for art, as well as fashion.

Contrary to popular belief, art does not have to be expensive and unapproachable. The art shown on the hit TV show Gossip Girl, has become subject to mass production, and can be found anywhere. This means you can get the artwork from your favourite TV show on something as simple as a t-shirt, a towel, a cup or a poster. That’s my initial thought and the idea behind this blog. I want to present you with art as cool as the art shown on Gossip Girl, but still affordable and accessible; art that could have been seen on Chuck Bass’ bedroom wall.

On Accessable Art you get first hand information about all the art featured on Gossip Girl. And where to get something like it.