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Gossip Girl Art- David Konigsberg

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(Painting on the right wall by Konigsberg)

 Nate’s bedroom, Photo credit: Christina Tonkin

David Konigsberg (Born in Pennsylvania. Lives and worsk in Brooklyn, NY).

Konigsberg is known for his dreamy world, where a rustic approach brings the world of classic painting and modernisme together. His natural landscapes invite the viewers to narratives sceenes.


David Konigsberg, “Swimmingpool”  oil on canvas 25 x 20 in.

 Margaret Neill, the curator at 4Sight: “Realism to Abstraction”  wrote in 2002 following words:

At a time when figurative art has enjoyed something of a revival, it is refreshing to find a reason why it should—that is, an approach that doesn’t just revel in the form, but looks at the figure anew, and gives a fresh application. What has attracted me to the work of David Konigsberg is his fairly unique ability to marry traditions of painting (and a classicist’s eye) and a contemporary sensibility. These are not, in other words, your father’s figurative paintings. Whether large or small, Konigsberg’s figures are clearly in a state of transition, filled with character and individual intent, yet tied to a larger choreography over which they have little control or awareness. The spiritual implications of this are both ambiguous and profound. Tension lurks beneath the placid, and humor betrays the menace. In paintings that are frankly a pleasure to look at, he delivers us to a mixed emotional state—one that feels altogether natural in our current time and place”.


David Konigsberg, “Twos”  oil on canvas  56 x 76 cm


David Konigsberg “Tableau” 2012  oil on canvas 56 x 76 cm

For utterly information:

Eisenhauer Gallery

Allen Sheppard Gallery, NY

 Kenise Barnes Fine Art

Richard Phillips- Gossip Girl Art

In Gossip Girl, Gossip Girl Art on November 20, 2011 at 4:09 pm

“Scout”, 1999,  PG version (cropped for the show)

Richard Phillips (Born in 1966,in Marblehead, Massachusetts, US. Curently lives and works in New York).

Phillips is know for his large glossery hyper-realistic paintings. Many of the works  are inspired from the 50’s, 60’s and 70s and popular culture. The works are often clos-up portraits,with women from fashion and soft porn, but also with persons from the pop music, films, and politics.

The artist has exhibited his works in many solo and group shows around in Europe and the US. He is also represented in  a numerous of important collections such as the Albright- Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, the Denver Museum,Tate Modern, the Withney Museum of Modern Art, among others.

Richard Phillips is represented with  two pieces on the GG set, with the famous famous “Spectrum” hanging on the wall in the van der Woodsen apartment, and the “Scout” -painting over the bed of Chuck Bass.

Photo credit: Christina Tonkin Interiors

With about 3 millions viewers of the show  each week, a lot of fans have shown their interest for the work “Spectrum”. As a result of this, one can now get a reproduction of the work for 250 USD from the Art Production Fund.

                           Richard Phillips       “Scout”    1999     (original version)

The Art Production Fund is a non-profit art organization based in New York. The organization  leased the set a collection of 25 pieces, among 3 original, the rest high quality reproductions. The production designer Lauren Weeks,set decorator Christina Tonkin, and Stephanie Savage have have worked closely with the Production Fund to match the art with the characters in the show.

Richard Phillips   “Spectrum” 1998

Photo credit: Christina Tonkin Interiors

Some other pieces by Phillips (not on the show):

Richard Phillips, “Awake into Myth” , 2007

oil on canvas, 108 x 72 inches

Gagosian Gallery

(The piece below is an interesting one, and a personal favourite)

Richard Phillips, “Hell” ,2007

oil on canvas

114 x 144 – 3/4 inches

Gagosian Gallery

For utterly information:

Gagosian Gallery

Credit to Rachel Wolff writing for ART news. Visit the link for more information

Ruvan Wijesooriya Part I – Gossip Girl Art

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“Untitled”, 2008. Edition of 5, 36 x 24 inches.

Ruvan Wijesooriya (Lives and works in New York).

The famous fashion and music photographer is really one of the favourite artist on the Gossip Girl  set. Here, Christina Tonkin has shown great taste in the chose of works. He is not only into fashion and music, his art also works beyoynd these boundaries.

Chuck Bass’s apartement

The writers for the show liked his work so much  that they based an own character on him. This was to be Max, the photographer in season 2. They also made him to direct a short video featured in season 2.Ruvan has many of his works featured in the show, among many six of them are permanently in Chuck Bass’s apartment. He is still featured in season 5.

More to come…….

Episode 11, season 4

For utterly information:
+1 917 450 9967

Menard, Tonkin and Kilimnik- Gossip Girl Art

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Darius Menard, Tree painting at the Waldoorf’s.

Photograph by Christina Tonkin.

Featured in Episode 4, Season 1.

Karen Kilimnik,(black painting with the white dog behind the mirror).

Featured in Episode 9, Season 2.

“The Devil’s Carriage & Attendants”- Karen Kilimnik

Featured in Episode 8, Season 2

Jeffrey Rothstein- Gossip Girl Art Season 2, Episode 21

In Gossip Girl Art, Season 2 on January 23, 2011 at 10:33 pm

Photograph on the wall by Jeffrey Rothstein. The flowers-foto was made in a field outside of Hood River, Oregon.

First time featured in Ep. 21, Season 2.In a hotel-room.

Photograph on the wall: Japanese Koi photographed in Kyoto, Japan.

The pieces either side of the bed are 30×40″ chromogenic prints from colour negative film that is cross processed.

The wall piece by the door: Two photographs of crashing ocean waves combined on to one sheet of paper – 30x 40″.

The pieces were commissioned by Christina Tonkin for a private interior design client, but were barrowed for the shoot. The works are printed by Jeffrey in his darkroom up to 60×80″. All images are printed on Fuji Crystal Archival chromogenic paper.

Jeffrey Rothstein has been based in New York for the past 25 years. He has lived in London and Carribean. He studied physics before turning to photography and received a B.A. from Hampshire College. Jeffrey workd for 10 years as a fashion and still/life photographer prior to devoting his energies full time to his personal work.


For more information, please visit his homepage, or contact Accessable Art. A work by Jeffrey Rothstein is perfect to any kinds of rooms.His works do notnecessarily have to be that expensive either.