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Martin Eder – Gossip Girl Art

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Martin Eder on the wall at Bass’s apartment. Season 5, ep. 7.


Martin Eder (Born: 1968 in Augsburg, Germany).

Eder is recognized as one of the most important contemporary artist of Germany. He is also widely known around the world, and has had many exhibition on the continent and in the US.

His works are known for beeing a sort of naiv kitch using his Lolita -models, but whith a surralistic breath. They represent a meeting between beautiful motives and surralistic expressions. He often uses cats in his works.


ImageTanz der Träume“, 2005, oil on canvas 87 x 75 in, collection of Stavros Merjos and Honor Fraser



Installation view, ‘Á rebours’ centre culturel suisse,Paris,France 2010



 ‘Les Nus’ 2008, MAN-SON 1969, The Horror of the Situation, Exhibition 2009, Galerie der Gegenwart, Hamburg, Germany


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Hauser & Wirth, New York, London, Zürich




Ruvan Wijesooriya Part III- Gossip Girl Art

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Chuck Bass’s apartment at the “Empire”

Many of the works by Ruvan W. featured in the show have been exhibited earlier. The photography above to the left has been exhibited at “Since forever is gone”   in New York, 2009.  Ruvan Wijesooriya is known for his exhibitions where the audience may take the work home. In that way, Wijesooriya says that an image is never for him to keep. It is also a pretty cool thing to do, and really artistic.

“All of Ruvan’s pictures remind me of that feeling: That your life could be
saved if you could get there right then. That you’re geographically fucked,
and it’s all happening right now, somewhere else, without you. There is an
enormous amount of intimacy in them, and promise, and intrusion.”

James Murphy, LCD Soundsystem

Season 3, episode 10

Photo: Christina Tonkin Interiors

Season 3, episode 8

Photo: Christina Tonkin  Interiors

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Ruvan Wijesooriya Part I – Gossip Girl Art

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“Untitled”, 2008. Edition of 5, 36 x 24 inches.

Ruvan Wijesooriya (Lives and works in New York).

The famous fashion and music photographer is really one of the favourite artist on the Gossip Girl  set. Here, Christina Tonkin has shown great taste in the chose of works. He is not only into fashion and music, his art also works beyoynd these boundaries.

Chuck Bass’s apartement

The writers for the show liked his work so much  that they based an own character on him. This was to be Max, the photographer in season 2. They also made him to direct a short video featured in season 2.Ruvan has many of his works featured in the show, among many six of them are permanently in Chuck Bass’s apartment. He is still featured in season 5.

More to come…….

Episode 11, season 4

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