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Jessica Craig- Martin -Accessable Art Portfolio

In Accessable Art Portfolio on November 30, 2011 at 9:11 pm

“Let’s Party”

Get hold of an original Jessica Craig-Martin!

The artist was first presented in the Gossip Girl show in season two, on the  walls of Chuck Bass and the van der Woodsens.

Jessica Craig-Martin (Born:  1963 Hanover, NH).  Lives and works in New York, NY

Klick on the link to see previously post about Jessica Craig-Martin on Accessable Art

Jessica Craig-Martin- Gossip Girl Art

The internet-based gallery “20×200”, founded by Jen Bekman, is happy to present new limited editions of work  by Craig-Martin, exclusive to ” 20 x 200″ . They  are all archival pigment prints signed by the artist. In the sizes from 8″ x 10 inches up to 24″ x 30 inches.

“Couger Friends”

Jessica Craig-Martin is one of the most famous artists in the US, specially for her cropped images of the decadent lifstyle to the “rich and famous”.

“I feel that a well examined detail can tell the whole story better than a pulled back, general shot of a scene. The angle of a shot can convey the particular combination of levity and anxiety one can feel in social situations. My art dealer once called it my “drunken lens.” The photographs that work best for me have a sense of human fragility. Unrealized dreams; our perverse optimism as we swim upstream like salmon in order to mate, find love, security, money, power, to retain youth against all odds and evidence. One is never so naked as when dressed for a party”

Jessica Craig-Martin

The “20 x 200”  delievers prints for a nice amount, so everyone can fulfill their desire to purchase a piece of art.  In 2003,  CEO Jen Bekman opened her little gallery on the Lower East Side, with a mission of supporting emergin artists and collectors ,and also making art available!

For further information, visit:



Richard Phillips- Gossip Girl Art

In Gossip Girl, Gossip Girl Art on November 20, 2011 at 4:09 pm

“Scout”, 1999,  PG version (cropped for the show)

Richard Phillips (Born in 1966,in Marblehead, Massachusetts, US. Curently lives and works in New York).

Phillips is know for his large glossery hyper-realistic paintings. Many of the works  are inspired from the 50’s, 60’s and 70s and popular culture. The works are often clos-up portraits,with women from fashion and soft porn, but also with persons from the pop music, films, and politics.

The artist has exhibited his works in many solo and group shows around in Europe and the US. He is also represented in  a numerous of important collections such as the Albright- Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, the Denver Museum,Tate Modern, the Withney Museum of Modern Art, among others.

Richard Phillips is represented with  two pieces on the GG set, with the famous famous “Spectrum” hanging on the wall in the van der Woodsen apartment, and the “Scout” -painting over the bed of Chuck Bass.

Photo credit: Christina Tonkin Interiors

With about 3 millions viewers of the show  each week, a lot of fans have shown their interest for the work “Spectrum”. As a result of this, one can now get a reproduction of the work for 250 USD from the Art Production Fund.

                           Richard Phillips       “Scout”    1999     (original version)

The Art Production Fund is a non-profit art organization based in New York. The organization  leased the set a collection of 25 pieces, among 3 original, the rest high quality reproductions. The production designer Lauren Weeks,set decorator Christina Tonkin, and Stephanie Savage have have worked closely with the Production Fund to match the art with the characters in the show.

Richard Phillips   “Spectrum” 1998

Photo credit: Christina Tonkin Interiors

Some other pieces by Phillips (not on the show):

Richard Phillips, “Awake into Myth” , 2007

oil on canvas, 108 x 72 inches

Gagosian Gallery

(The piece below is an interesting one, and a personal favourite)

Richard Phillips, “Hell” ,2007

oil on canvas

114 x 144 – 3/4 inches

Gagosian Gallery

For utterly information:

Gagosian Gallery

Credit to Rachel Wolff writing for ART news. Visit the link for more information

Ruvan Wijesooriya Part III- Gossip Girl Art

In Gossip Girl, Gossip Girl Art, Season 3 on October 30, 2011 at 4:11 pm

Chuck Bass’s apartment at the “Empire”

Many of the works by Ruvan W. featured in the show have been exhibited earlier. The photography above to the left has been exhibited at “Since forever is gone”   in New York, 2009.  Ruvan Wijesooriya is known for his exhibitions where the audience may take the work home. In that way, Wijesooriya says that an image is never for him to keep. It is also a pretty cool thing to do, and really artistic.

“All of Ruvan’s pictures remind me of that feeling: That your life could be
saved if you could get there right then. That you’re geographically fucked,
and it’s all happening right now, somewhere else, without you. There is an
enormous amount of intimacy in them, and promise, and intrusion.”

James Murphy, LCD Soundsystem

Season 3, episode 10

Photo: Christina Tonkin Interiors

Season 3, episode 8

Photo: Christina Tonkin  Interiors

For utterly information:
+1 917 450 9967

Accessable Art Portfolio

In Accessable Art Portfolio on December 30, 2010 at 12:06 am

Annika von Hausswolff

Untitled (shirt no. 46 pink), 2002, unique c-print 24×19,5 inches

Annika von Hausswolff (born: 1967, Sweden, lives and works in Stockholm and Berlin)

Casey Kaplan Gallery, New York

Perfect for Jenny Humphreys bedroom!


Bjarne Melgaard

Untitled 11,2010, silkscreen 37,2 x 30,7 inches, Edition of 100, Signed.

Bjarne Melgaard (born 1967, Sydney. Lives and works in New York).

Rod Bianco Gallery, Oslo

Green Naftali Gallery, New York

Stella Lohaus, Antwerpen

Patricia Low, Switzerland

Galeria Senda, Barcelona

Perfect for Chuck Bass!


Jeff Burton

19- untitled no 90 (Dog at Pool), 1998 , C-print 26,0,5 x 40 inches

Jeff Burton (born: 1963, California. Lives and works in Los Angeles.

Gallery 10G and Casey Kaplan Gallery, New York

The choice of Serena van der Woodsen.


Cory Arcangel

Photoshop Gradient, 2008, Unique C-print  111 x 75 inches

Cory Arcangel (born 1978, NY. Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York)

Team Gallery, New York


Zack Balber

“Hidden price tags” 2009- Lambda Print Edition of 5+1 AP

Zack Balber (born: 1983, Pittsburg)

Fredric Snitzer Gallery, Miami

Perfect for Serena van der Woodsen!


Unni Askeland

Oil on canvas, original

Unni Askeland (born: 1962, Bergen, Norway)

Galleri 7011, Trondheim and Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium

Heiberg Cummings Design, New York

Perfect for Blair Waldorf



18 Color Silkscreen ink on Paper, Archival Coventry Rag 290 gsm, 27,5 x 39 inches , Edition of 100

FAILE is a Brooklyn-based artistic collaboration between Patrick McNeil (b. 1975) and Patrick Miller (b.1976).

Perry Rubenstein Gallery, New York

Perfect for Dan Humphrey !