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Katherine Bernhardt- Accessable Art Portfolio

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Katherine Bernhardt,” Naomi”, acrylic on canvas 60 x 48 in.

Katherine Bernhardt (Born: 1975 in Clayton, Missouri. Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY). She recieved her MFA from School of Visual Arts in New York, and her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Bernhardt is an international well known artist. She has had a numerous exhibitions and been presented at art messes. Katherine bernhardt is especially known for her woman based portrait of glossary women on an acrylic canvas. Her paintings have a sort of expressionistic and abstract touch, using symbols and female stars.


 Katherine Bernhardt “,Dior darling” 2011, acrylic on canvas 60 x 48 in.

When CHANEL launched their J12 watch in 2007, Kathrine Bernhardt got to make a store installation for the occation. She has also worked with several fashion institutions.


Katherine Bernhardt, “Prada yellow earrings” 2011, acrylic on canvas 60 x 48 in.

 Katherine Bernhardt, “Rihanna, I’ve loved and I’ve lost”, 2011, acrylic on canvas 60 x 48 in.

 Exhibition view from NOMAD at Loyal Gallery

Photo credit: Loyal Gallery

For utterly information:

LOYAL Gallery, Malmö

Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve Paris

Saatchi Gallery

Martin Eder – Gossip Girl Art

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Martin Eder on the wall at Bass’s apartment. Season 5, ep. 7.


Martin Eder (Born: 1968 in Augsburg, Germany).

Eder is recognized as one of the most important contemporary artist of Germany. He is also widely known around the world, and has had many exhibition on the continent and in the US.

His works are known for beeing a sort of naiv kitch using his Lolita -models, but whith a surralistic breath. They represent a meeting between beautiful motives and surralistic expressions. He often uses cats in his works.


ImageTanz der Träume“, 2005, oil on canvas 87 x 75 in, collection of Stavros Merjos and Honor Fraser



Installation view, ‘Á rebours’ centre culturel suisse,Paris,France 2010



 ‘Les Nus’ 2008, MAN-SON 1969, The Horror of the Situation, Exhibition 2009, Galerie der Gegenwart, Hamburg, Germany


For utterly information:

Hauser & Wirth, New York, London, Zürich



Karen Kilimnik -Accessable Art Portfolio

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Archival pigment print with painted glitter, 22 x 16 in, 2010.

Karen Kilimnik (Born: 1955 in Philadelphia). Lives and works in Philadelpiha.

Ms. Kilimnik is educated from Temple University, Philadelphia. She is known for her bold colours, loose brushwork and incorporation of celebrities in old-masters studies.But she is also known for her many installations, which reflect a young viewpoint of the modern society.

Image“My walk in the woods at night” , photography –  Karen Kilimnik

Kilimnik has become a well-known and collected artist, and ha s exhibited in many countries on the continent, as well as at home in the US. In the late 80’s, the artist presented patently punk and destructive installation art. Later on, her works are filled with literary tradition of gothic mystic, fairytales and scenes with pop-cult figures such as Paris Hilton, and Leonardo DiCaprio, dressed in historical clothing.

“The Devil’s Carriage & Attendants”- Karen Kilimnik

(Painting from Van der Woodsen loft, season 2) .


View from the installation “The Hellfire Club Episode of the Avanger” from 1989. The installation is based upon the television show The Avenger.

From the installation at 303 Gallery, 2011.

For utterly information:

303 Gallery, New York

James Nares- Gossip Girl Art

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Painting: James Nares, season 4, ep. 18

James Nares (Born: 1953 in London). Lives and works in New York.

James Nares is now a great and well-known artist among art-lovers and collectors. However, at the beginning, Nares had to climb up his own way to the to, but was collected by friends and fellow-artists. He can now be found in collections such as for exampel Paul Kasmin Gallery.


James Nares “in action”

Over: James Nares, “Untitled 2008”  oil on paper  60 x 44 in.

The artist in action, taking a” Tom Cruise- Mission Impossible”

James Nares, “Mines’s Made Up” 2009, oil on linen  85 x 55 in.

James Nares, “Now We Know” 2008, oil on linen  30 x 81 in.

Serena van der Woodsen in the entrance hall. The painting in the background is actually a permanent feature at the location.

For utterly information:

Paul Kasmin Gallery, NY

Todd DiCiurcio- Gossip Girl Art

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Todd DiCiurcio (Born: 1972 in Pennsylvania. Lives and works in New York). Artist and director.

His drawings and paintings work as a respond to, and created within live music events. The artist has become really known on the New York art scene with his dynamic portraits of up and coming and hot music talents.

The artist appeared cameo on Gossip Giorl in  episode 3, season 3.


Each paintings he makes origins from a skecth of the artit while he or she performs live. In this way he captures the moment in which the energy finds it self.Later on it is beeing transffered on to a canvas. In the works from the exhibition “GOLD” at The Cob Gallery, the artist combined a metallic gold base with printing of his drawing in black enamel, hand-finishing each work on canvas with a coating of diamond dust to create a glittering effect on 45″ x 59″ canvases.


Featured in episode 3, season 3. Todd Diciurcio and Blake Lively (Serena  van der Woodsen looking after a job at the “John Porto Gallery”.

This is what the artist told Chic Report after the shoot at Silvercup Studios:

“The cameo experience was very interesting and fun. When I work on a film, I’m usually on the other side of the lens. I have known most of the cast for some time now, and they are all a gifted bunch….The scene is quick & I was still a bit nervous on the set, which I guess is normal, but Casey Fremont (from Art Production Fund) was there with me and I was cast as myself, being surrounded by some works from my debut show, “Synthesis,” a set made to look like a solo show of mine during a montage scene, and the dialogue was put in on the fly.”

Credit to Chic Report


The artist is also pleased to work with Ed Westwick. As a member of the band The Filthy Youth, he performed at an exhbition Todd DiCiurcio held at Sonto’s Party House in New York.


For utterly information:

The Cob Gallery, London

Jason Bryant- Accessable Art Portfolio

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  Jason Bryant, (Kehinde Wiley)  “Miss Whoever You Are” , 2010


Jason Bryant (Born: 1976, grew up in North Carolina. Currently lives and works in Baltimore and Brooklyn, NY).

Jason Bryant has recieved a BFA from East Carolina University, and a MFA from Maryland Institue College of Art in 2004. At East Carolina University he was encouraged by his mentor Paul Hartley.




oil on canvas

Art is a mirror of the world. It will allways reflect upon the time. Bryant believes in building that mirror, and to enligthen peoples understanding of the world. The artist gave early expression for a talent when he found interest in drawing. Later on he has turned to the art of painting.



Jason Bryant  “How To Wear It”, oil on canvas, 2007, 24 ” x 24 “


Bryant is an artist of habit listening to music while working. Soundtracks from different kinds of movies, letting him be totaly “intoxicated” by the music- transferring the images over to the canvas.




Jason has exhibited at institutions as The Greenville Museum of Art, The Period Gallery in Omaha, Transport Gallery in Los Angeles, Maryland Art Place, among others. His works have also been published in international magazines such as New Art International and Link magazine.

For utterly information:

Like The Spice Gallery, NY

Raandesk Gallery of Art, NY


Laurie Simmons- Gossip Girl Art

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Photo credit: Laurie Simmons

Laurie Simmons (Born: 1949 in Long Island, New York. Works and lives in New York and Cornwall, Connecticut). Simmons recieved a BFA from Tylor School of Art in 1971 and specialises in art and photography. The artist has also recieved a lot of awards, for example Guggenhiem Fellowship in 1997 and National Endowment for the Arts Grant in 1984.


Laurie Simmons was featured going cameo in season 4, ep. 18 “The Kids Stay In the Picture” where the van der Woodsen are beeing photographed by Simmons herself.



Laurie Simmons is known for her works with dolls in dollhouses, presenting arounding we are familiar with, but at the same time a rather melancholic atmosphere.

Below: From the series Long House 2002-2004 by Laurie Simmons



Below: Color Picture 2007-2009 by Laurie Simmons


In 2001, Simmons and the architecht Peter Wheelwright designed an interactive dollhouse caring the name “Kaleidoscope House”, where contemporary artist filled the rooms with small artworks and designs.



more information:

Salon 94, NY

Skarsted Gallery, NY


Baldwin Gallery, ASPEN

Tomio Koyama, TOKYO






Jessica Craig- Martin -Accessable Art Portfolio

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“Let’s Party”

Get hold of an original Jessica Craig-Martin!

The artist was first presented in the Gossip Girl show in season two, on the  walls of Chuck Bass and the van der Woodsens.

Jessica Craig-Martin (Born:  1963 Hanover, NH).  Lives and works in New York, NY

Klick on the link to see previously post about Jessica Craig-Martin on Accessable Art

Jessica Craig-Martin- Gossip Girl Art

The internet-based gallery “20×200”, founded by Jen Bekman, is happy to present new limited editions of work  by Craig-Martin, exclusive to ” 20 x 200″ . They  are all archival pigment prints signed by the artist. In the sizes from 8″ x 10 inches up to 24″ x 30 inches.

“Couger Friends”

Jessica Craig-Martin is one of the most famous artists in the US, specially for her cropped images of the decadent lifstyle to the “rich and famous”.

“I feel that a well examined detail can tell the whole story better than a pulled back, general shot of a scene. The angle of a shot can convey the particular combination of levity and anxiety one can feel in social situations. My art dealer once called it my “drunken lens.” The photographs that work best for me have a sense of human fragility. Unrealized dreams; our perverse optimism as we swim upstream like salmon in order to mate, find love, security, money, power, to retain youth against all odds and evidence. One is never so naked as when dressed for a party”

Jessica Craig-Martin

The “20 x 200”  delievers prints for a nice amount, so everyone can fulfill their desire to purchase a piece of art.  In 2003,  CEO Jen Bekman opened her little gallery on the Lower East Side, with a mission of supporting emergin artists and collectors ,and also making art available!

For further information, visit:


Richard Phillips- Gossip Girl Art

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“Scout”, 1999,  PG version (cropped for the show)

Richard Phillips (Born in 1966,in Marblehead, Massachusetts, US. Curently lives and works in New York).

Phillips is know for his large glossery hyper-realistic paintings. Many of the works  are inspired from the 50’s, 60’s and 70s and popular culture. The works are often clos-up portraits,with women from fashion and soft porn, but also with persons from the pop music, films, and politics.

The artist has exhibited his works in many solo and group shows around in Europe and the US. He is also represented in  a numerous of important collections such as the Albright- Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, the Denver Museum,Tate Modern, the Withney Museum of Modern Art, among others.

Richard Phillips is represented with  two pieces on the GG set, with the famous famous “Spectrum” hanging on the wall in the van der Woodsen apartment, and the “Scout” -painting over the bed of Chuck Bass.

Photo credit: Christina Tonkin Interiors

With about 3 millions viewers of the show  each week, a lot of fans have shown their interest for the work “Spectrum”. As a result of this, one can now get a reproduction of the work for 250 USD from the Art Production Fund.

                           Richard Phillips       “Scout”    1999     (original version)

The Art Production Fund is a non-profit art organization based in New York. The organization  leased the set a collection of 25 pieces, among 3 original, the rest high quality reproductions. The production designer Lauren Weeks,set decorator Christina Tonkin, and Stephanie Savage have have worked closely with the Production Fund to match the art with the characters in the show.

Richard Phillips   “Spectrum” 1998

Photo credit: Christina Tonkin Interiors

Some other pieces by Phillips (not on the show):

Richard Phillips, “Awake into Myth” , 2007

oil on canvas, 108 x 72 inches

Gagosian Gallery

(The piece below is an interesting one, and a personal favourite)

Richard Phillips, “Hell” ,2007

oil on canvas

114 x 144 – 3/4 inches

Gagosian Gallery

For utterly information:

Gagosian Gallery

Credit to Rachel Wolff writing for ART news. Visit the link for more information

“All auctions at one place”

In Uncategorized on November 8, 2011 at 10:53 pm is a global actor in the art  market which connects auctionmarkets between different countries all over the world. It is a swedish concept with an aim to be site No 1 in the service of giving auction information.

Barnebys is a safe and easy platform searching for art from different well-established auctionhouses around the world. Until now, this is specially best for searching art in Europe, but all of the auction houses afford good service in over-sea shipping.

By purchasing from a smaller European auction house, the chance of getting hold of a piece for a friendly amount of money is not that small. In many cases, some of the art may also be of great technical and artistic high standard without costing much.

If one for example is into more Blair Waldorfs taste of art, Bjørn Ransve might be a suggestion:

(Photo: ChristinaTonkinInteriorsBlair)    Waldorf recidence

Search result from

Bjørn Ransve (Born: 1944 in Oslo) at Blomqvist Auctionhouse (Norwegian).

Bjørn Ransve “Enhjørning”, colorlito. limited edition of 23/65

Size: 59 cm x 80 cm, signed and  dated Bjørn Ransve 1976

Up for auction on the net at Blomqvist

(Valued for between 715 – 1070 USD)

The really good thing about buying on the net, from a safe auctionhouse of course,  is that it is more easy to keep an eye on, and it is faster. It is also no problem getting a username and loggin in. Once you have got the lot. nr. you want, send an email for shipping, or you will be asked autmatic when paying. I may recommend Blomqvist (they are very nice), and Bruun Rasmussen (Danish) . But start at Barnebys!

For more information please visit