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Gossip Girl Art- David Konigsberg

In Gossip Girl, Gossip Girl Art on May 22, 2012 at 9:13 pm


(Painting on the right wall by Konigsberg)

 Nate’s bedroom, Photo credit: Christina Tonkin

David Konigsberg (Born in Pennsylvania. Lives and worsk in Brooklyn, NY).

Konigsberg is known for his dreamy world, where a rustic approach brings the world of classic painting and modernisme together. His natural landscapes invite the viewers to narratives sceenes.


David Konigsberg, “Swimmingpool”  oil on canvas 25 x 20 in.

 Margaret Neill, the curator at 4Sight: “Realism to Abstraction”  wrote in 2002 following words:

At a time when figurative art has enjoyed something of a revival, it is refreshing to find a reason why it should—that is, an approach that doesn’t just revel in the form, but looks at the figure anew, and gives a fresh application. What has attracted me to the work of David Konigsberg is his fairly unique ability to marry traditions of painting (and a classicist’s eye) and a contemporary sensibility. These are not, in other words, your father’s figurative paintings. Whether large or small, Konigsberg’s figures are clearly in a state of transition, filled with character and individual intent, yet tied to a larger choreography over which they have little control or awareness. The spiritual implications of this are both ambiguous and profound. Tension lurks beneath the placid, and humor betrays the menace. In paintings that are frankly a pleasure to look at, he delivers us to a mixed emotional state—one that feels altogether natural in our current time and place”.


David Konigsberg, “Twos”  oil on canvas  56 x 76 cm


David Konigsberg “Tableau” 2012  oil on canvas 56 x 76 cm

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