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James Nares- Gossip Girl Art

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Painting: James Nares, season 4, ep. 18

James Nares (Born: 1953 in London). Lives and works in New York.

James Nares is now a great and well-known artist among art-lovers and collectors. However, at the beginning, Nares had to climb up his own way to the to, but was collected by friends and fellow-artists. He can now be found in collections such as for exampel Paul Kasmin Gallery.


James Nares “in action”

Over: James Nares, “Untitled 2008”  oil on paper  60 x 44 in.

The artist in action, taking a” Tom Cruise- Mission Impossible”

James Nares, “Mines’s Made Up” 2009, oil on linen  85 x 55 in.

James Nares, “Now We Know” 2008, oil on linen  30 x 81 in.

Serena van der Woodsen in the entrance hall. The painting in the background is actually a permanent feature at the location.

For utterly information:

Paul Kasmin Gallery, NY


Todd DiCiurcio- Gossip Girl Art

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Todd DiCiurcio (Born: 1972 in Pennsylvania. Lives and works in New York). Artist and director.

His drawings and paintings work as a respond to, and created within live music events. The artist has become really known on the New York art scene with his dynamic portraits of up and coming and hot music talents.

The artist appeared cameo on Gossip Giorl in  episode 3, season 3.


Each paintings he makes origins from a skecth of the artit while he or she performs live. In this way he captures the moment in which the energy finds it self.Later on it is beeing transffered on to a canvas. In the works from the exhibition “GOLD” at The Cob Gallery, the artist combined a metallic gold base with printing of his drawing in black enamel, hand-finishing each work on canvas with a coating of diamond dust to create a glittering effect on 45″ x 59″ canvases.


Featured in episode 3, season 3. Todd Diciurcio and Blake Lively (Serena  van der Woodsen looking after a job at the “John Porto Gallery”.

This is what the artist told Chic Report after the shoot at Silvercup Studios:

“The cameo experience was very interesting and fun. When I work on a film, I’m usually on the other side of the lens. I have known most of the cast for some time now, and they are all a gifted bunch….The scene is quick & I was still a bit nervous on the set, which I guess is normal, but Casey Fremont (from Art Production Fund) was there with me and I was cast as myself, being surrounded by some works from my debut show, “Synthesis,” a set made to look like a solo show of mine during a montage scene, and the dialogue was put in on the fly.”

Credit to Chic Report


The artist is also pleased to work with Ed Westwick. As a member of the band The Filthy Youth, he performed at an exhbition Todd DiCiurcio held at Sonto’s Party House in New York.


For utterly information:

The Cob Gallery, London

Marilyn Minter- Gossip Girl Art

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Marilyn Minter- “Stepping Up”  Enamel on metal, 96 x 60 in.

Marilyn Minter (Born: 1948 in Shreveport, Louisiana but raised in Florida. Currently lives and works in New York).

Minter helds a master of fine art degree from Syracuse University. She  now teaches in fine art at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

While she was student, Marilyn Minter created a series of photographic studies with her drug -addicted  mother among the objects. Later she started to incorporate the sexuality from the Pop-derived pictures, and imagery from the porn industry. Her works  often include sexuality, erotic imagery, and a touch of “urban glam”.  Minter uses the good old darkroom in the process, and is not a fan of digital manipulation.

Marlin Minter is one of the greatest and most important living temporary artist, and is widely known among collectors and institutions.

On the wall to the left: Marilyn Minter’s “Stepping Up”. In the background: Ryan McGinley, season 2, ep. 11.

From season 4, ep. 18

I have not yet managed to find the concrete work to the right.

Marilyn Minter- in Serena van der Woodsen bedroom

“Frostbite” 2006,        Season 2, ep. 11.

For utterly information, please contact:

Salon 94

12 East 94th Street

New York, NY 10128

Accessable Art Portfolio

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Annika von Hausswolff

Untitled (shirt no. 46 pink), 2002, unique c-print 24×19,5 inches

Annika von Hausswolff (born: 1967, Sweden, lives and works in Stockholm and Berlin)

Casey Kaplan Gallery, New York

Perfect for Jenny Humphreys bedroom!


Bjarne Melgaard

Untitled 11,2010, silkscreen 37,2 x 30,7 inches, Edition of 100, Signed.

Bjarne Melgaard (born 1967, Sydney. Lives and works in New York).

Rod Bianco Gallery, Oslo

Green Naftali Gallery, New York

Stella Lohaus, Antwerpen

Patricia Low, Switzerland

Galeria Senda, Barcelona

Perfect for Chuck Bass!


Jeff Burton

19- untitled no 90 (Dog at Pool), 1998 , C-print 26,0,5 x 40 inches

Jeff Burton (born: 1963, California. Lives and works in Los Angeles.

Gallery 10G and Casey Kaplan Gallery, New York

The choice of Serena van der Woodsen.


Cory Arcangel

Photoshop Gradient, 2008, Unique C-print  111 x 75 inches

Cory Arcangel (born 1978, NY. Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York)

Team Gallery, New York


Zack Balber

“Hidden price tags” 2009- Lambda Print Edition of 5+1 AP

Zack Balber (born: 1983, Pittsburg)

Fredric Snitzer Gallery, Miami

Perfect for Serena van der Woodsen!


Unni Askeland

Oil on canvas, original

Unni Askeland (born: 1962, Bergen, Norway)

Galleri 7011, Trondheim and Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium

Heiberg Cummings Design, New York

Perfect for Blair Waldorf



18 Color Silkscreen ink on Paper, Archival Coventry Rag 290 gsm, 27,5 x 39 inches , Edition of 100

FAILE is a Brooklyn-based artistic collaboration between Patrick McNeil (b. 1975) and Patrick Miller (b.1976).

Perry Rubenstein Gallery, New York

Perfect for Dan Humphrey !