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Gossip Girl

“Behinds the Set”

Photo: From Christina Tonkin Interiors

Christina Tonkin

Christina Tonkin is CEO of Christina Tonkin Interiors in New York. She has decorated sets on Gossip Girl, and been responsible for the art in the series. Her career started as an assistant decorator on feature films in 1991. Tonkin has previously worked for production designer Jeremy Conway decorating sets for Sex and the City, where she worked for 5 years.

With set decoration of Gossip Girl, Tonkin has taken the controversial “hit show”   to a higher level.  Not only does she select art she likes or thinks will fit into the set, but she also gives each character, like for example Chuck Bass or Blair Waldorf, their own individual taste and style.  By doing so, Ms. Tonkin shows us that it is it decorative and “cool” to have art on the walls. Why not have a room as Chuck and Blair?

Ms. Tonkin specializes in art consulting for private residential clients. She has worked on the fundraising boards for the Queens Council on the Arts, and she has also a working relationship with the Art Production Fund. The Fund has also contributed in curating the art in Gossip Girl.

Christina Tonkin was born in 1967. She was raised in Astoria New York before she moved to Kailua, Hawai. Tonkin attended Marymount Manhatten College in NYC, where she received a BA Communication Arts. She currently reside and works on Manhattans upper east side and Kailua, Hawai.

For more information visit:

Van der Woodsen penthouse

Chuck Bass’s bedroom

Living room in the Van der Woodsen Penthouse

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