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Annika von Hausswolff

Untitled (shirt no. 46 pink), 2002, unique c-print 24×19,5 inches

Annika von Hausswolff (born: 1967, Sweden, lives and works in Stockholm and Berlin)

Casey Kaplan Gallery, New York

Perfect for Jenny Humphreys bedroom!


Bjarne Melgaard

Untitled 11,2010, silkscreen 37,2 x 30,7 inches, Edition of 100, Signed.

Bjarne Melgaard (born 1967, Sydney. Lives and works in New York).

Rod Bianco Gallery, Oslo

Green Naftali Gallery, New York

Stella Lohaus, Antwerpen

Patricia Low, Switzerland

Galeria Senda, Barcelona

Perfect for Chuck Bass!


Jeff Burton

19- untitled no 90 (Dog at Pool), 1998 , C-print 26,0,5 x 40 inches

Jeff Burton (born: 1963, California. Lives and works in Los Angeles.

Gallery 10G and Casey Kaplan Gallery, New York

The choice of Serena van der Woodsen.


Cory Arcangel

Photoshop Gradient, 2008, Unique C-print  111 x 75 inches

Cory Arcangel (born 1978, NY. Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York)

Team Gallery, New York


Zack Balber

“Hidden price tags” 2009- Lambda Print Edition of 5+1 AP

Zack Balber (born: 1983, Pittsburg)

Fredric Snitzer Gallery, Miami

Perfect for Serena van der Woodsen!


Unni Askeland

Oil on canvas, original

Unni Askeland (born: 1962, Bergen, Norway)

Galleri 7011, Trondheim and Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium

Heiberg Cummings Design, New York

Perfect for Blair Waldorf



18 Color Silkscreen ink on Paper, Archival Coventry Rag 290 gsm, 27,5 x 39 inches , Edition of 100

FAILE is a Brooklyn-based artistic collaboration between Patrick McNeil (b. 1975) and Patrick Miller (b.1976).

Perry Rubenstein Gallery, New York

Perfect for Dan Humphrey !

Pilot-Gossip Girl Art

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Richard Phillips

“Spectrum” by Richard Phillips, 1998.

First time featured in Gossip Girl, Lily Van der Woodsen collection , Season 2, episode 5.

Richard Phillips (born 1962 in Massachussets), lives and works in New York.  He is known for his large-scale glossy hyper-realistic paintings, in the style of magazines from the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970s, and with references to popular image culture.

Elmgreen & Dragset

Prada Marfa, 2005, Sign by Elmgreen & Dragset, first time featured in Season 2, Episode 5.

Special edition made for Gossip Girl, before making “Prada Marfa”- a permanent sculpture in Texas by the Berlin arists Michael Elmgreen (born: 1961 Copenhagen, Denmark) and Ingar Dragset (born: 1968 Trondheim, Norway).

“Prada Marfa”-Texas, 2005.

Kiki Smith

“Carrier”,  2001, (Most likely) Intaglio with hand applied water color, 22 3/4 x  55 1/4 inches. Edition 33.  First time featured in Season 2, Episode 5.

Kiki Smith (born: 1954, Nuremberg, Germany . Lives and works in USA)

An Etching  and aquantin in colors with hand-coloring with the same margins was sold at the Auctionhous Phillips for 3125 USD in 2008, estimated between 3500 and 5500 USD.

For utterly information:

Larissa Goldston Gallery, NYC


Ryan McGinley

Falling “Sand”, 2007, c-print, 48 x 72 inches. First time featured in Season 2, Ep. 7

Ryan McGinley (born: 1977, lives in New York).

Team Gallery Inc., New York

The vase is from Crate  & Barrel


Rita Wilmers

“Three of Hearts” acrylic and Pen on Paper, 22 x 33 inches.First time featured in Season 1, ep. 4

Rita Wilmers ( lives and works in Forest Hills, Queens)

Her works has been shown in Galleries, private collections, and one-woman shows. Wilmers has aslo been a children’s fashion designer. She has also been subjekt of an article in the New York Post

For more examples of Mrs. Wilmers art, visit


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Photo: Ivar Kvaal

Welcome to Accessable Art! My name is Johan Alstad Øhren- the founder of Accessable Art.  I’m a Norwegian law student and art collector, as well as a Gossip Girl fan. What I’ve found is that Gossip Girl has become an arena for art, as well as fashion.

Contrary to popular belief, art does not have to be expensive and unapproachable. The art shown on the hit TV show Gossip Girl, has become subject to mass production, and can be found anywhere. This means you can get the artwork from your favourite TV show on something as simple as a t-shirt, a towel, a cup or a poster. That’s my initial thought and the idea behind this blog. I want to present you with art as cool as the art shown on Gossip Girl, but still affordable and accessible; art that could have been seen on Chuck Bass’ bedroom wall.

On Accessable Art you get first hand information about all the art featured on Gossip Girl. And where to get something like it.