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  Jason Bryant, (Kehinde Wiley)  “Miss Whoever You Are” , 2010


Jason Bryant (Born: 1976, grew up in North Carolina. Currently lives and works in Baltimore and Brooklyn, NY).

Jason Bryant has recieved a BFA from East Carolina University, and a MFA from Maryland Institue College of Art in 2004. At East Carolina University he was encouraged by his mentor Paul Hartley.




oil on canvas

Art is a mirror of the world. It will allways reflect upon the time. Bryant believes in building that mirror, and to enligthen peoples understanding of the world. The artist gave early expression for a talent when he found interest in drawing. Later on he has turned to the art of painting.



Jason Bryant  “How To Wear It”, oil on canvas, 2007, 24 ” x 24 “


Bryant is an artist of habit listening to music while working. Soundtracks from different kinds of movies, letting him be totaly “intoxicated” by the music- transferring the images over to the canvas.




Jason has exhibited at institutions as The Greenville Museum of Art, The Period Gallery in Omaha, Transport Gallery in Los Angeles, Maryland Art Place, among others. His works have also been published in international magazines such as New Art International and Link magazine.

For utterly information:

Like The Spice Gallery, NY

Raandesk Gallery of Art, NY


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